12 November 2008

Our Bodies, Our Sweets

WARNING: This post is graphic, if delicious. Baker discretion is advised.

Ya know what happens when Shake goes away and Bake is left to her own culinary devices? Vagina cake.

In honor of my roommate's birthday, a few friends and I fashioned this anatomical dish without one of those naughty cake pans, relying just on our creativity. This cake is really about the presentation, so I deigned to use boxed mix and store-bought icing and pie filling. It's so much quicker and tasted fantastic, so in this case I don't feel guilty.
  • cake (we used chocolate, but you can use any flavor)
  • icing
  • food coloring
  • cherry pie filling
  • Twizzlers
  • chocolate sprinkles
Bake your cake in a rectangular pan and cool. Meanwhile, color the icing to make a flesh tone (the color in the photo is not that accurate because of the flash). For this one, we used about two drops of yellow food coloring along with a bit of red, or a few drops of pie filling.

When the cake is mostly cool, cut out an oval with pointed ends, being careful to only cut through about half of the cake. You'll need the bottom there as a base for your filling.

Frost the cake around the hole, then add the pie filling inside. The cake will get hold the filling without getting too soggy, so don't worry about filling it up to the top. Cut Twizzlers to fit around the hole. It doesn't matter if they're not perfect, you can fill in any gaps with filling.

We started out without chocolate sprinkles and made our own little curlicues with a little tube of brown gel icing, then added sprinkles later for a layered effect.

This isn't anatomically correct, but it's close enough and is fun to bring to a party. Adding the cherry to the chocolate makes this like a black forest cake, and it stays moist without being too gooey. Think about bringing it to a bachelor or bachelorette party - that way you don't actually have to own one of those adult cake pans.


  1. ha I love it! you should start a monthly segment called "While Shake is away....Bake is out making naughty things".

  2. i forgot to say it earlier, but this cake is genius. the cherries freak me out almost as much as the real thing.

  3. it looks like blood. gross.

  4. wow our first negative comment. thanks, anonymous.

  5. isn't it supposed to almost look like blood?



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