20 November 2008

Workout Queen's Bacon, Egg and Cheese

I'm all about low cal, low fat food, but I still like to grub...so for breakfast, I sometimes dream about eating a bacon, egg and cheese...and STILL can, even when it's low cal.

  • 3 egg whites
  • Pam olive oil cooking spray
  • one slice of American cheese (or any you prefer)
  • 5 slices of turkey bacon (or however many you'd like)
  • one tortilla, medium size

1. spray your pan with Pam until it's just lightly covered
2. break three eggs, leaving only the egg whites in the pan
3. allow the egg whites to cook until they no longer stick to the pan
4. Flip the egg whites to allow them to cook on the opposite side
5. put pieces of cheese on the egg whites as it cooks

6. check the eggs for a cooked consistency, then fold the eggs over to make a half-moon shape
7. add 3 strips turkey bacon to the pan, while egg whites continue to cook
8. as soon as cheese starts dripping out, the eggs should be done.
9. take eggs off the heat
10. add the remaining strips of turkey bacon
11. cook turkey bacon until they are brownish around the edges, or until your liking
12. put egg whites in tortilla, add turkey bacon strips, wrap it up and ENJOY!

I usually have this breakfast on the weekend before I work out. It is easily digestable, and is REALLY low in calories, as well as fat. You can go to the supermarket and check out the nutrition facts on the turkey bacon, but usually it's about 60 calories for 5 slices. After I eat this I feel full and ready to go workout. It has a good balance of nutrients, and there is no guilt for having all that food at once. I even ate a banana before cooking. So, make those gluttens eating REAL bacon, egg and cheese's feel guilty when you're munchin' on the same but saving on all that FAT!! Enjoy!


  1. Sounds great ... a little salsa would spice it up without adding many calories or any fat.

  2. you omelet like a champ!! i agree with the salsa comment, a little chipotle goes a long way. get it girl!



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