11 November 2008

Breakfast Burritos

This dish consists of four separate recipes: Guacamole, Zesty Corn & Black Beans, Fajita Style Peppers & Onions, and Basic Scrambled Eggs. The recipes have been posted on the site before so click on their links to instruction on how to make the dishes. The extra ingredients and directions needed to make the burrito are below.

I know you are thinking "dang I need to make 4 dishes in order to have a breakfast burrito...Who wants to go to McDonalds?" stop! It is a lot easier to assemble then it looks at first glance. Everything can be made in 20-30 minutes and it will taste infinitely better then any breakfast burrito you would get from a fast food restaurant. Once you give it your first go you will see how easy it is. Try adding a potato dish or a mini corn bread muffin to the plate. Save all of your leftovers for a Mexican style omelet or frittata. I hope you enjoy!

And the left overs were put into a frittata.


    1. So...all that is relatively easy to make...and takes lovely...but the fritatta I could totally do without. I'm just not sure why eggs have to rise and why they are all fluffy. Now, the burritos i'm TOTALLY down for, as I do enjoy burritos....i'd give thes bfast burritos a 10...on my little 1 - 10 scale.

    2. i ate these and can attest that both the burritos and the fritatta were lovely.



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