25 November 2008

Roasted Butternut Squash with Cranberry, Sage & Shallots

So this isn't so much an exact recipe as an improvised riff on something I've had at a local restaurant, but it came out well, is super easy, and definitely worth repeating.

For this recipe, I was pressed for time, and didn't feel like trying to peel and cube a whole butternut squash, but if you feel so inclined, please do. I used 2 packages of pre-peeled and cubed squash, 2 packages of fresh sage, chopped, about 3/4 cup fresh cranberries (cut in half), about a 1/3rd cup dried sweetened cranberries, about 5 shallots (you can use a mild onion, cubed, instead, or some garlic - but I like the milder flavor of shallots) and liberal application of salt and pepper.

Basically, just heat the oven to 425, place all the ingredients in a baking/roasting pan, coat with some EVOO and toss to mix it up, and pop in the oven. I was worried about the fresh cranberries being too tart, but when you bake them they turn into molten berry sweetness. I think I do like the addition of the dried sweetened kind too, though if you wanted you could use just one or the other. The combo of sweet and savory with the sage and the shallots and s&p is lovely, it looks impressive, and goes amazingly well with poultry. I tried this again on Sunday night and roasted a whole chicken in the pan with the squash (stuffed with cranberries, celery, lemon and garlic) and it was AMAZING.

oh yeah, leave the stuff roasting for about 45mins to an hour, depending on your oven, but check it at the 30 min mark and give it a toss with a spatula.

(spatula is the word of the day. use it. love it. )


  1. yeah this was yummy, great colour too.

  2. i think im going to have to try this one out

  3. i made this today... sooo glad i did... it might be my new favorite recipe!



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