11 November 2008

Basic Scrambled Eggs

  • 2 eggs for one serving or 2 1/2 egg per serving (round up!)
  • 1 Tbs milk per serving
  • 1/2 tsp salt per serving
  • 1/3 tsp pepper per serving
  • enough EVOO to coat skillet
  • combine eggs and milk in bowl and beat until eggs are frothy and evenly mixed. DO NOT add salt and pepper!
  • heat EVOO in medium skillet on medium
  • when oil is hot add eggs
  • start stirring when eggs start to set
  • remove eggs from heat when eggs are done to your liking sprinkle with salt and pepper
Simple right? Not! Scrambled eggs come in all shape and sizes and various degrees of tastiness. My number one mistake with making perfect scrambled eggs and trying to multi task while cooking them. If you want to make sure everyone loves your eggs save them for last and pay attention to them. Eggs do not have to be brown to be cooked throughout. Also play around with how you stir your eggs. The more you stir the smaller the pieces, so if you find yourself stirring a lot to avoid browning the eggsn lower your heat. You can add just about anything to this recipe to make a tasty scramble dish. Remember veggies and meat should be in the skillet before you add eggs, cheese should be added in the middle and salt and fresh herbs should be added at the end. Play around with this recipe and let me know what variations you tried and what tricks you come up with to make your eggs tasty. I hope you enjoy!


  1. those whisking pictures are great. i'm sure i'll never get it right, but cool anyway.

  2. SO- the one thing I learned about whisking is it should make a LOT of noise...if you aren't waking the neighbors you aren't doing it right...I suppose this could be said for other things too

  3. bunner you crack me up. i may quote this in your author profile.



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