09 November 2009

kitchen katastrophe: homemade bbq chicken pizza

welcome back my lovelies! kit kat is back! one might think that there have been no kitchen katastrophe posts in a while because there have been no kitchen katastrophes. if only that were the case... alas, i have not improved in the kitchen. this makes me avoid cooking more and more. but i shall prevail! or, more accurately, attempt to prevail and record my misadventures here.

to begin, i thought i would write about a recipe i made that was so perfect until literally the last second.

at the lovely hornbachers grocery store (yes, that's really the name) in fargo, north dakota, where my parents live, i found a fun pre-made pizza crust. it was whole wheat, which makes me feel like i'm eating healthily, so i bought it wondering what i could make with it. and then it hit me: homemade pizza! possibly one of the easiest things ever - how could i screw up? if you are short on time and want to throw something easy together, use this recipe for a delicious barbecue chicken pizza:
"Homemade" Barbecue Chicken Pizza
  1. two chicken breasts
  2. shredded cheese - i prefer colby jack blend
  3. pre-made pizza crust (e.g. boboli or whatever hornbacher's sells)
  4. barbecue sauce (i recommend hunt's original)
  5. jalapenos, onions, or other veggies you like
  • Cook the chicken breast in oil with some salt and pepper to taste. Cut into pieces about the size of a quarter
  • Spread barbecue sauce on the pizza crust - use as little or be as liberal as you like - depends on how much barbecue you like
  • Place the chicken on the barbecue sauce, cover with cheese and any veggies you like
  • Follow baking instructions on the pizza crust label
  • Enjoy!
i call this "homemade" in quotations because nothing is really MADE per se - you could make your own crust, but i don't know how to do that.

bbq chicken pizza is quite possibly my favorite food if done correctly. i LOVE it. so on the night that i was making this for my mom and i, i was quite excited. i splurged and bought organic chicken (which is really expensive in remote fargo), all natural cheese and put jalapenos on half of the pizza since my mom doesn't like them. we were so hungry waiting for it to bake. the directions suggested i bake it on a cookie sheet, which i did. i took it out of the oven and let it cool on the counter for a bit. i grabbed the rolling pizza cutter and starting cutting - not realizing the cookie sheet was not fully on the counter. as i drew the cutter towards me, it tried cutting pizza that wasn't balanced on the counter and all of a sudden, before i could blink - the pizza was all over my shoe, the floor, the shelves below the counter... my mom was standing next to me and we stared at each other with mouths agape. after picking it up, here is what it looked like:

of all my kitchen katastrophes, this was the one with which i was the most disappointed. we were shocked and dismayed and hungry. in the end, it was arby's roast beef for us. such a sad compromise.

what is your backup dinner?


  1. "Well now you can't be both shocked and dismayed. You be shocked and I'll be dismayed."

    Hahaha I remember that! I was there. That was hilarious.

  2. ha.

    mine is an indian chickpea curry thing thrown onto couscous and arugula.

    does that make me posh?

  3. i dont know what have of those things are [dave]. chickpeas? couscous? arguula? :) either posh or pretentous. :)

  4. this is why you need to order from Zpizza. now you know.
    at least there's one thing you'll miss about Ohio...

  5. yes, AND Zpizza is organic. good call.

  6. do we have Zpizza in Fargo?? Don't think so.
    It was disappointing.........I was hungry that night.

  7. I wasn't there but I can only imagine... and the voice inside my head is laughing... i call him Tim

  8. hell, it looked good enuf to eat to me. Or is it good enuf to me to eat? Either way, it still looked good.

  9. :-( I'll admit, though, I probably would have eaten it anyway....

  10. yea, I kind of agree. Unless my shoe or the floor were super dirty. I probably would have salvaged what I could have. Especially if it was going to be delicious! It only has to look nice when you've got company!!

  11. thanks for the support! i think it was not salvageable, but i'll keep that in mind for my next disaster (of which there are sure to be many!)



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