16 November 2009

Low Cal Egg and Cheese Breakfast Sandwich

The Healthy Egg Mc Muffin


  1. Sautee veggies with Adobo and Turmeric seasonings in small frying pan covered with Pam
  2. In small cereal bowl mix together Egg Beaters and Milk
  3. Once veggies are tender add them to your eggs and mix thoroughly
  4. Rinse pan and return to heat
  5. Once dry (either by heat or with paper towel) spray with Pam and add egg mixture cooking it like a omelet
  6. Toast English Muffin
  7. Once eggs are done to your liking plate English Muffin and make a sandwich with cheese on bottom and your egg omelet on top and enjoy!
Nutritional Information 2000 cal diet:
Cals 251 (13%), Fat 5g (8%), Sat Fat 2 (10%), Sodium 678mg (3%), Carbs 34g (11%), Fiber 6g (25%), Protien 19g (30%)

The first time I made this I was so surprised at how good it tasted! I used to HATE the idea of egg beaters. The first time I cooked with them (8 years ago) they left a weird film on my pan and tasted gross. I dont know what they did to their recipe, whoever changed it should get a hi five. Mixed with the right seasonings and veggies it tastes just like real eggs without all the fat, calories and cholesterol of real eggs. This sandwich is a perfect meal to get your day going while providing you with more then 1/4th of all the vitamins and minerals you need for the day and lets not forget it is way filling! If you wanted to bump up the protein add a slice of turkey bacon or your favorite deli meat. I hope you guys enjoy!


  1. i ate this! for breakfast!

    it was very yummy. and i usually make a fuss when folks use too many healthy ingredients, but this totally worked.



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