01 November 2009

...and we're back.

So, this time around, we have a bit of a plan.  I don't give anything away, but suffice it for the moment that the plan involves far more mad tasty right here and in your RSS feed.  But whether you're a returning face or new to our little piece of internet real estate, let me give you a tour.

On the right beneath our blurb you'll see our new tag team system of posters as well our a roster of guest posters.   Below that you've got the RSS links for both the standard post content and the comment feed.  Below there are the most recent comments in annotated form, and beneath those are links to other great food blogs that we frequent.  And finally underneath that you can see our archives and a big ol list of the tags that get put on each post.  So when you're looking to scour the vegetarian archives or check out the results of our meatball challenge, head down there.

Okay, so that's all for now.  Check back tomorrow for all the real mad tasty action.

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