30 November 2009

food stuff: freezing common vegetables

planet green had a nice article on taking advantage of fresh produce and freezing it - there might not be as much fresh produce these days (because its near winter), but i thought i would still link to it so you can read about it and maybe file for later...
this is to add great compliment to JaBootaay's post on healthy eating and frozen veggies.


  1. This is hardly a katashrophe. I don't eat fresh greens because neither does Chuck Norris.

  2. nope - no kit kat today. (see the headline: "food stuff" vs. "kitchen katastrophe")

    but i'm glad you're valuing chuck norris. he be so smart.

  3. disregard the comment from tmann - i know for a fact he eats frozen veggies once a week.



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