21 November 2009

crock pot challenge!


Ladies and gents and other variously gendered friends, come one come all to the mad tasty challenge of the season!

On behalf of our collective cooking think tank, we challenge you to a CROCK OFF!!!

The fine print?
  • Competitors will include both mad tasty and any outside challengers who choose to!
  • Please announce your intentions to compete in the comments below this post, with a link to your blog if not a mad tasty contributor.
  • You will have two weeks to pot your crock!
  • After that point I will schedule posts to be over the following few days, with "link out" posts for extra-blogular competitors.
  • A poll will be posted to determine the winner!
  • The winner shall receive gratitude, acclaim and possibly notoriety!


  1. Count me and Raoul in this game!!!!

  2. i am TOTALLY looking forward to hearing about the recipes and voting on the winners... i won't be able to participate since i don't have a slow cooker...

  3. allie is having trouble posting comments, but she's down, as am i.

  4. I don't have a crockpot either, and am inundated with veggie burgers, so I'll pass on participating... But I'll be placing my bets when the time comes.

  5. I'm planning to try to participate if I can get something together by then! Unfortunately with the holiday travel and my future mother in law visiting the weekend after Thanksgiving, I might not have much time in the kitchen these 2 weeks!

  6. it's alana. am IN. its on.

  7. my comments started working today... i am IN for the crock pot challenge... and happy thanksgiving!

  8. when is the deadline? have I missed it? if I did it was probably for the best....dont want to best everyone with my crock pot cooking skills ;-)

  9. ok folks the crock pot challenge is back on! please note alana's entry today, and the rest of you, get crockin. yeah i said crockin.

  10. no one crocked but alana, so i guess she's the winner?

  11. there were two, i did one also. we should get at least 4 and then vote. or forget about it. my crock pot broke yesterday :(



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