19 January 2010

Photo shoot

Apologies that this is a bit of a write-off of a blog post, but I was cooking for 72 hours and then yesterday was up at 4:30 AM to do a photo shoot for the Veggie Burger Cookbook (this is the first—maybe second?—of many shameless plugs). The thought of writing out a recipe is nauseating, so I thought I'd be better off sharing some of the photos from yesterday. Christina Heaston is the mastermind behind the lens. You know, towards the end of the shoot I'd look at the plates I'd put together and think, oh, man, I'm getting tired and it's starting to show, and then I'd look at her photo and—how's she do that? Do you understand photography? It's something that will forever stupefy me.

Some condiments:

My basic hamburger bun, here with different seed toppings:

Black-olive roasted potato salad (recipe here—and see what a good photo can do? it can make you hungry):

Baked cauliflower burger, with pickled red onion:

Spinach-chickpea burger (recipe here, ditto above):

Tofu burger with beet greens and sesame glaze:

"Pub grub" burger:

Thai carrot burger (recipe here):

And the baked falafel burger (another improved photo!):

1 comment:

  1. these photos are amazing! now i feel really inadequate...



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