14 January 2010

Lost: The Best Sweet Potato Ravioli Ever

(ed note: i was inspired by denise's post, thus the photo. stolen from here)

I'm not the biggest fan of the Food Network - too much repetition, basics, commercials and just terrible cooks. But there are a few things that I love and one of them is: the last 10 minutes of Iron Chef. You know, those 10 minutes where they present their full meal and describe the technique and ingredients within each dish.

Sunday night, Mario Batali created a dish that has left me salivating for the last two days. In fact, I even dreamt of its creamy texture, just warmed yolk and delicate sauce last night. The trouble is, the recipe is no where to be found.

From what i could see live on the show , Mario peeled and cooked down some sweet potato, added in cream, goat cheese, nutmeg, salt and pepper and placed it inside of a homemade ravioli pasta. He made a little indent and placed a perfectly fresh raw egg yolk in the center, then boiled it as usual. He shaved a few white truffles and a bit of brown butter over the top. When you cut into the center of the ravioli, the egg yolk is still runny and creates a nice sauce.

I am determined to try this until its perfect. any tips are welcomed.



    let me know if you need help eating them.

  2. Hey, I've been dreaming of that recipe too. I can't be able to find it. I think his ravioli is a basic pasta, he fills it with the sweet potatoe, goat cheese, sage, nutmeg puree, then adds the egg yolk and carefully covers it with another layer of pasta to form the raviolone. Now the difficulty is in mantaining the egg runny without undercooking the pasta

  3. the recipe is on food network. look up Uova da Ravioli

  4. Thomas Keller has a sweet potato agnolotti recipe in his French Laundry book. It alone is fabulous. Perhaps preparing the sweet potatoes the way described in this recipe then adding the egg may work>

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