16 January 2010

grilled zucchini spears

So this is a quick and easy post. Zucchini spears are pretty fantasty (ha, a typo, but one that I sort of like; I'll leave it there). Also, fantastic. In any case, slice your zucchini in half long-ways twice, so each spear is one quarter of a squash. You can use summer squash for this as well, but they aren't shaped as uniformly as zucchini so its mostly a visual thing.

Then you should come up with a marinade. Kristy and myself were in someone else's kitchen, so what we came up with was basically salt, pepper, balsamic vinegar & catalina salad dressing. Marinade in a big ziploc bag for an hour or two (we sucked the air out of the bag for a semi-vacuum seal, that may help), and then throw on the grill until you get a nice set of grill marks per the photos and you're good to go. I ate mine with a veggie burger and the others had theirs with grilled chicken.


  1. sounds fun! what if you don't have a grill?

  2. Grilled zucchini is my favorite, looks delicious here!



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