04 January 2010

kit kat: what do I do with real vanilla??


Greetings fellow mad tastiers… I am in desperate need of some help to create my own mad tasty food. Let me explain…

Ever since I was about 14 years old and I read an article in Cosmo magazine where they said that every woman (even though I was just a girl at the time) should have a “signature scent,” I have been wearing a type of vanilla perfume or body spray. It is, now, my signature scent. I love vanilla everything. Vanilla smells – perfume, candles. Vanilla food – ice cream, the flavored tootsie rolls with the blue wrappers. Everything. Except vanilla vodka, which I USED to love, but thanks to one fateful night on the town the summer between freshman and sophomore years of college, I can no longer drink it.

So vanilla is the thing for me. And as a special treat as part of my Christmas gift, my dear friend, Elaine in London, sent me a vial of real vanilla from Madagascar. And I was overjoyed – I’ve never actually seen REAL vanilla. And it’s awesome. But … I have NO IDEA what to do with it. So I am reaching out to you all, dear friends, to help me come up with a dish or a reason to use it. Any tips on cooking with real vanilla? Dishes that are your favorite? What else should I know? I assume I don’t just rub it on my wrists and wear it…


  1. Nothing beats a creme anglaise. and the you can use it over and over again. dip in chocolate wafers, fresh rasberries, mmmm. the works.
    Actually now that i said rasberries, i had this dessert that was lots of small berries - blue berries, little red berries and then rasberries in a deep plate that just had a creme anglaise over the top of it and it was still perhaps the best dessert i've had.

  2. mmmm... thanks for the tip! i didn't even realize creme anglaise was "vanilla-flavored." ha.

  3. perhaps it officially doesn't . . my version certainly does! The other thing i remembered, if you melt white chocolate over a double boiler and then add the fresh vanilla its amazing . . .i've reformed these into chocolate pieces before.

  4. that sounds really sophisticated and delicious...

  5. you're sophisticated and delicious.

  6. Also, creme brulee and panna cotta are surprisingly easy to make, and a good way to showcase real-deal vanilla!

  7. i had no idea vanilla was in either of those... guess i'll spend the day looking up recipes!



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