18 December 2009

quinoa, the sneaky protein

So dear readers, today I give you more of an idea than a full on recipe, but please consider this ingredient in your culinary adventures if you haven't already: quinoa. Say it with me: KEEN-WAH. I usually use this kind, you can get it in the fancy organic grain section of your supermarket. Check out its nutritional analysis here (and compare with white rice and couscous). Basically, think of quinoa as an opportunity to put some protein into an otherwise starchy meal. It adds body to soups as well.

In the attached pictures, I added red quinoa to a vegetarian curry for added protein. So if these pictures have managed to put you in the mood, please visit my other curry posts here. Ignore the first post, unless you want to read about that one time I thought it would be a good idea to try making fennel.

(edited to explain accompanying curry photos ... please notice use of quinoa in photo below)


  1. i love quinoa. it is a super food! even better - it tastes nothing like curry! :)

  2. wait, i should clarify, i added quinoa to this curry! i will edit.



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