31 December 2009

Pre-Thanks: Bananas Fosters Fingers

Years ago, I worked at a French Restaurant as Pastry sous-chef - skills which have proven very useful. One evening, I was staffed alone and we ran out of many of our selections. I was forced to come up with something that could cook fast, taste gourmet and look pretty. The Bananas Fosters Fingers were born. Although I believe we called it something much prettier in French.

High level overview: firm banana's sauteed with cinnamon, nutmeg, butter and rum that are wrapped in filo dough and served with a rum anglaise sauce. and caramel ice cream if you're not watching that figure.

Directions for 2 dozen fingers:
  1. Make the filling: Peel 6 green bananas, then slice in half the short way and each of the halves again the long way so you have 4 similar sized slices per banana. On med-low, heat 1 - 2 tbls butter, add a tsp of cinnamon, nutmeg, pinch of salt and pepper, mix well. Add the bananas (likely in batches), cut side down for 1 min until brown, turn over, add 4 oz of dark rum, let cook for 1 - 2 min until just tender. Remove from pan onto a plate. Also get out 1 cup of raisins and 1/2 cup chopped pecans or walnuts.

  2. Wrap it up: For each of six, pre-thawed filo dough sheets, cut into 4, the short way. Melt 4 tbl of butter. Start an assembly line: brush a piece of filo with butter, add a banana slice, wrap once. Sprinkle on raisins and nuts, continue to wrap until the end. Place seam side down on a greased baking sheet (or best to use a silpat!). Repeat for the rest of the pieces.

  3. Bake it for ~15 min in a 425 degree oven until the filo dough crisps up

  4. Make the sauce: beat 2 egg yolks heavily. heat 1/2 c of milk, 2 tbl of powdered sugar and 1 tsp of vanilla until hot, but not boiling. while whisking, add heated mixture to egg yolks, continue to whisk as fast as possible until mixture cools down (otherwise you will have scrambled eggs!) and then add in 2 oz of dark rum and whisk.

  5. Serve: two banana fosters finger smothered in rum anglaise. At the restaurant we also served it with a scoop of caramel ice cream sprinkled with chopped pecans.

1 comment:

  1. ...these felt sinful to eat, especially after those chocolate covered rice krispie things that kristy made.



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