28 December 2009

A Dash of Health - Bread

Welcome back for the second addition of A Dash of Health!
Chapter 2 - Bread
When was the last time you looked at the nutrition information on that “High Fiber Whole Wheat” bread? If you are trying to cut some calories from your diet you might want to consider going “Light”! The typical serving size on regular bread is one slice averaging 100-200 calories a slice. You are probably thinking "That's not too bad....", but remember in a sandwich you would be eating around 300 calories in bread alone. I have tried just about every light bread out there and they are all pretty consistent when it comes to calories: 40 calories per slice with a serving size of 2-3 slices. That's right folks you would be cutting more then 120 calories from a sandwich just by going "Light"! For a exact info check out the nutrition information for this High Fiber Whole Wheat compared to my favorite Light Wheat bread. For you English Muffin eaters, Thomas’ Muffins has a great product for those looking to cut some calories and add some fiber and protein to their diets: Regular English Muffins vs Better Start English Muffins. Making the switch can save you in excess of 120 calories per two slices of bread eaten. With the calories saved you can add a bag of baked potato chips or add extra meat to your sandwich.

Check out my Healthy Alternative recipes for ideas of how you can add more veggies to your diet.

The next A Dash of Health post will be on Cheese.

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  1. how do the vitamins and nutrients compare though? i'm willing to eat some more calories if there are more nutrients and its healthier for you...



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