04 December 2009

Fantastic Food Trip to Budapest!

Hello there....! No cooking was done by me this week. However a trip to Budapest last weekend brought me across plenty of lovely dishes cooked by my friend Zsuzsanna, who kindly agreed to let me share them here. This is the same friend who created the stuffed peppers with a Hungarian twist - You may notice one particular ingredient findings its way into everything :). Thanks for letting me share Zsuzsu!

Here are some of the fantastic meals we feasted on at her table:

1) Cherry soup.

: Cinnamon, Sugar, Sour Cream and Flour.
To Make: Boil the cherries, sugar and cinnamon. Separately, mix the sour cream and flour. Mix it very well: make sure there are no flour bumps. When the cherries are boiling, stir in the sour cream and flour, and then bring to the boil again.

2) Rakott Krumpli (Translates into 'Late Potatoes').

Need:Potatoes, Chorizo, Bacon, Boiled Eggs, Sour Cream and One Raw Egg.
To Make: Peel and slice the potatoes, chops the chorizo and bacon, and boil and peel a few eggs. Then layer all the ingredients (leave the raw egg aside until the end) into a deep oven dish: sausage, bacon and egg, then potato, then sour cream. Repeat until all the ingredients are used. For the final layer of sour cream, mix it with the raw egg, and pour the whole mixture across the top of the potatoes and meat. Cook in an oven at 180 degrees Celcius for a half hour/forty mins.

3) Goat's cheese mixed with Paprika
Need: Either Goat Cheese OR Sheep Cheese OR Cottage Cheese from sheep's milk (but not cow's), Paprika, Mustard, Cumin, Sour Cream OR Butter.
To Make: Mix together to taste and enjoy......

4) Blue cheese mixed with sour cream
Need: Blue Cheese, Sour Cream, Butter, Chives, Nutmeg, Black Pepper.
To Make: Mix together to taste and enjoy....
Zsuzsanna's tip: Excellent with garlic bread.

In the photo you can see the Sheep's Cheese and Paprika in the foreground, and the Blue Cheese mixture behind, to the left of the butter.


  1. the cherry soup is completely new to me! i'm intrigued. was it dessert?

  2. i have never seen sour cream used so much! Was it a main ingredient in restaurants as well?

  3. This all sounds amazing! That cherry soup reminds me of a great blueberry soup to make soon. We have some cranberries left from Thanksgiving... I wonder if a cranberry soup would work too!

  4. No, it was our starter before the Rakott Krumpli! It was kind of sour. I've had apple soup also made by Zsuzsu, which was like stewed apple that my grandmother makes...although, again, it was served in the main meal whereas we would eat stewed apple for dessert.

    Sour cream and cottage cheese are pretty ubiquitous alright, although I suspect Zsu may have an extra fondness for it...I will send her the link to this and maybe she can tell us :) The first time I ate lunch with her when she lived in Ireland, I asked 'what is all this white stuff in the soup?' to which the other two people laughingly informed my I would find it in all Zsu's food from now on... :)

  5. so fun! what a great idea to write about food from other countries..

  6. that is so funny, she really does use sour cream in everything, i love it.

  7. Hey, I love your comments so much. We eat more different kinds of fruit soups (all with sour cream or cream-I usually prefer sour cream because it is not as fat as cream)- so go ahead with cranberry soup, and mixing fruits in the soup is delicious too:) I must admit that I didnt make the laid potetoes-it was my dad whose creation it is:)I recommend you all try Hungarian food with original ingredients in Hungary. You would love Hungary and of course not only for its food!!!

  8. Ah sorry - Laid Potatoes..

    And I must credit the apple soup to your mother as well...tell your parents I'm sorry for not crediting them properly!



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