03 January 2009

stuffed acorn squash and sides

Well, to start, I didn't use these Jamaican peppers, although they looked very yummy. I just couldn't figure out where exactly I'd use them.

But anyway. This was an opportunity to make something with these acorn squashes I bought. So I put the acorn squash in the oven to bake after cutting them in half, removing the seeds, and brushing them with butter and garlic. On the sid I used my regular salad and then I put these chickpeas in a frying pan with diced onions and a helluva lot of paprika until they were sort of toasted.
The other thing on the side was this zucchini and spinach dish with cream. I just simmered the veggies in water until the water started to boil off, added some milk and seasoning. The seasoning in this case was cumin and chili flakes, that sort of thing. I cooked down the milk until it was more of a sauce and then turned off the heat.
For stuffing the acorn squash, I cooked rice and red lentils each on their own, and then combined with cheese and red kidney beans and dumped into the squash and served.

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