05 January 2009

kitchen katastrophe: easy maple bacon weenies

this recipe has been handed down a long way in my family - my brother's girlfriend to him to me. well, not actually me, i watched my brother make these for our family christmas a few weeks ago. WARNING: not for the faint vegetarian.

these are actually probably the easiest thing to make in the world - the only catch is how long to cook them. my brother calls these OIYM (orgasm in your mouth). for vegetarians or non-pork eating jews, these could be called Easy Maple Bacon Weenies.

Basically just put these three ingredients together:
  • sausage weenies
  • bacon
  • brown sugar
bake in the oven at 350 degrees until done (about 35 minutes).

first, if you buy bacon in long strips, cut them into thirds as below.
oh, be sure your hands are clean. then, wrap the bacon around the weenies and place on a cookie sheet.
this can be a bit time consuming. when finished, dust the tops with brown sugar.
then bake. the final product (again, no camera at the family christmas) is delicious (or so they told me, i dont actually eat red meat) for meat-eaters. they should have a nice honeyed glaze on the top.


i was just thinking, if you are a vegetarian and you have kept reading this, then you just might be thinking these sound good but for some reason dont want to eat them. maybe there is a vegetarian option out there - vegan sausage with fake bacon? anything surrounded in brown sugar is probably good...


  1. These are to DIE for. O.M.G. just looking at this makes my mouth water.

  2. i wonder if you could make these with turkey products....I will try it when I am home in MD in 2 weeks!

  3. oh good call. let me know how turkey is...

  4. I am a vegetarian AND a non-pork-eating-Jew (NPEJ)! Can you adapt this recipe for me please?

  5. i'm on it. we'll try to post a vegetarian, NPEJ version soon... maybe i'll have my brother try it and not tell him its veg. he he....

  6. and by my brother i really really hope you mean eric. because if not, it will not end up nicely for you.

  7. These were so delicious. I don't care that I am destined to die from a heart attack at an early age for the sole reason of eating these tasty meat rolls.



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