28 January 2009


I flew across the country for a drink that one would assume had gone out of fashion fifteen years ago. That dimly lit thing is a martini served in a glass made of ice—hoisted up by a glass base that prevents it from melting all over the table—and the first and only place I have encountered it at Barbacoa in Boise, Idaho. An ice-tini is like drinking salty nectar encased in anesthesia. The booze just sort of appears in your mouth without you having ever felt it pass your lips. I highly recommend it, but what I'd really like is to figure out how to make one at home . . .


  1. "An ice-tini is like drinking salty nectar encased in anesthesia." ... that's beautiful sir.

    i've seen ice cube trays that make shot glasses. i bet with some paper-maiche skills you could make a martini mold.

  2. Lukas, I am terribly jealous! I need to figure out how to make one of these. Then I bet you could experiment with different flavored ice, too.

  3. i foresee some shake & bake experimentation in the near future...

    i wonder if you could make a mold from two differently sized cone paper cups. i'm going to think about this.



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