12 January 2009

kitchen katastrophe: recession-proof salad

my cousin's wife made this recipe for our group christmas a few weeks ago. i instantly fell in love with it and got the recipe from her. it turns out, all the ingredients are really cheap or things you would have around the home. i don't know the name of it, so i have called it the recession-proof salad.
Recession-Proof Salad
  1. one bag of coleslaw (not with the mayo, just the coleslaw-cut lettuce)
  2. almonds
  3. ramen noodles (asian style)
  4. onions
  5. 1/2 c. oil
  6. 1 tsp. vinegar
  7. 3 tbsp. sugar
  8. 1 tsp. soy sauce
  • Mix first four ingredients in bowl.
  • Whisk last four ingredients together.
  • Pour liquid mixture over salad to coat.
  • Mix a few hours before serving.
easy! or so i thought...

the first time i made this, it turned out great! and it was delicious. pictured here.it has a sort of asian-flavor to it, but it's really light and refreshing - great to eat. the only catch is... well, since you basically get the ramen noodles 'wet' they don't last more than a few hours. then they get soggy and mushy and you dont want to eat it. BUT it's so cheap to make - you can just make more!

the other thing is that i made this a second time a few days later and the dressing would not mix. i had decided to halve the recipe since it was just my father and i eating it and it doesn't last well in the fridge. but the ingredients would not whisk together to form a glaze/dressing. i thought it was because the sugar was kind of clumpy and hard. so i started over and decided not to halve the dressing (some bizarre rationale thinking that the "science" behind it must be a certain amount has to mix together or something). it still didn't mix very well and my arm was KILLING me from beating it with a fork, but it was better. but then i forgot that i didn't end up halving the recipe, so i forgot to un-halve the salad part. so i had a full dressing on a half salad. it ended up being very very oily. but still good, of course.

the third time i made it, i had the same issue with the dressing, so i put it in my new mixer. it didn't really help getting the dressing together better. i know there is some sort of explanation that alton brown can give to help clarify why it worked once and then never again. was it the type of oil i was using? type of vinegar? how long i should be whisking? what?? in any case, this recipe is cheap and delicious, even when screwed up a bit...

for full-disclosure, i do not have a source or even a proper name for this recipe, so if this is yours or you know where to find it online, please let us know and we would love to give it proper citing.


  1. I'll confirm; the salas was really good!!

  2. I don't usually enjoy eating this salad but I did have some Christmas Eve and liked it very much. Do you have a special ingredient I'm not aware of?

  3. And I think the name of it is Oriental salad something...

  4. I like this salad a lot, I've known this salad to be called FargoSlaw.

    I like to add the Ramen (tm) right before serving, same with the dressing.

    Drizzling in the olive oil [into the other liquids] while whisking can help mix it all

  5. sara - maybe its because i used evoo and christina used vegetable oil? or the other way around... i'm not sure...

  6. FargoSlaw - love it! great ideas on adding the ramen and dressing right before serving.

    and of course! i knew there was some trick to get the dressing better... any tips on evoo or vegetable oil - which is better to use?

  7. I use evoo 95% percent of the time for most of my cooking, I do this mainly for health reasons... If frying, I'll add a tiny bit of butter to the evoo.

    If something requires high heat frying then I'll switch to veg. oil, but I *rarely* do this.

  8. 4 months later and i finally made the salad again. i drizzled the oil, and it worked! bravo, rr.



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