25 January 2009

DIY salad dressing

So everything I know about salad dressing I learned from Abby. I think its worth stating that I never buy salad dressing unless I'm going to a BBQ or somewhere that there's absolutely no access to kitchen cabinets, because making the perfect salad dressing is so damn easy.

  • extra virgin olive oil
  • balsamic vinegar
  • garlic (ground or minced)
  • lemon juice
  • stoneground mustard
  • horseradish (optional, but highly reccomended)
  • salt & pepper
So you start with the olive oil, and then pour a good sized dollup of balsamic in there. Never be afraid of too much garlic. Even folks who don't like mustard won't say a word if they don't see you put it in there. The horseradish tastes great, but if you don't care to procure the stuff directly I often use a horseradish mustard to kill two birds with one stone. The only part to go slow on is with the salt. Put in too much salt and you'll have to start over.

All the parts will separate, so just keep stirring it as you add your elements and taste frequently. As soon as I get the mixture right I usually dump it right on my signature salad.


  1. this salad dressing is um um good!

  2. this dressing is always fantastic with dave's signature salad!

  3. This salad dressing is delicous-- so much better than store-bought! Jeanette is right, it's always perfect on the signature salad. Versatile, light but with a big impact. Yum.

  4. [dave], i heart you!

    i was making a healthy salad for lunch (lettuce, hard boiled egg, cheese and tuna) and didn't have an appropriate dressing in the fridge. i remembered this entry and looked it up. i didnt really pay attention to the measurements, just added the ingredients (save the horseradish - i dont think that has ever been in this house) and it is DELICIOUS!!! mmmmm thats mad tasty.



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