31 January 2009

Instant Class

Instant Class

Minimum Effort---Maximum Result---Satisfaction guaranteed

The Situation: Folks just showed up with something to celebrate and you haven’t any chilled champagne. Not to fret just follow the instructions below.

(PS I wish this wasn’t a photo from my i-phone, the presentation is last, but just give it a whirl.)

Prep Time: 1 minute
Serves: 4-6 (or 3 if your friends are anything like my friends)

• 1 bottle of champagne
• 1 bag frozen red berries (strawberries or raspberries, you could even use frozen peaches)

1.Pour champagne in a glass
2. Add a few frozen berries (slowly so it doenst bubble over)
3. Serve

Voila you are now the hostess with the mostess

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