07 December 2008

Yum Frankenstein

Just because we focus on drinks and baked goods doesn’t mean we don’t love meat. In fact, you may even call us Shake and Bacon. Which is why we want to give shout outs to some recent meaty meanderings around the Internet.

The Turducken is the culinary Frankenstein monster served to the bourgeois on Thanksgiving. We all know the drill: stuff a chicken inside a duck and cram it into a turkey. Only wrapping this delicious three-way in bacon could make it more indulgent. Enter the Turbaconducken. Not only is this guy fully covered in bacon, but each individual bird is wrapped in the stuff before being combined with the others. The turkey doesn't even need to be seasoned - the bacon does all the work for you.

Scrumptious! Thanks, Bacon Today.

The True Love Roast takes the holiday meal even further than the Turbaconducken by stuffing the Turkey with no less than 11 birds (making a dozen in all). This monstrosity will feed 125 people and set you back $1350. We are humbled, impressed, and a little freaked out by this British farmer's poultry prowess.

The True Love Roast: Romantic, eh?

If you've begun your holiday shopping but are stumped about what to get for your favorite carnivore, consider bacon dental floss. It does actually clean your teeth, and leaves them with that just-brushed-with-pork feeling. Win win, right?

Seeing all of this together is a little overwhelming. Maybe we'll just stick with a good old fashioned bacon cocktail.


  1. Katie [dave]'s sister =)December 7, 2008 at 11:05 PM

    so i have checked out madtasty before but the turbaconducken did it for me.. ughh.. it actually sounded good at first too, ha!

  2. timely! and Obama's no more pork comment....all have been recalled here. contamination. had a pork chop for dinner all the same :) not sure if I could manage the dishes here though!

  3. (hi katie :)

    what did obama say about pork?



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