24 February 2010

Dan Aykroyd Wines

As I was perusing Kappy's for some cheap wine, I happened upon a $2.99 bin. I will admit - $2.99 for a bottle of wine is a bit questionable, even for someone like me who decides based on prettiness of the label, but this bin of wine was full of Dan Aykroyd Chardonnay! And - if you are wondering - YES, it is THE Dan Aykroyd. Dr. Raymond Stantz. Elwood Blues. Beldar. Harry Sultenfuss. Dan Aykroyd has a wine company. Well, that was reason enough for me to make a purchase. And maybe even to follow his blog.


  1. dan akroyd is an intj like me! i automatically love his wines and i've never tried them! jk

    but seriously, thats cool. i found this on wiki a while ago of other famous people who do wine. thought i'd write a post about it sometime... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_celebrities_who_own_wineries_and_vineyards

  2. just realized i spelt his name wrong... i knew it was funny. aykroyd. aykroyd. aykroyd.

  3. whoa... apparently owning a vineyard is a hobby of the rich and famous!



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