19 April 2009

rainbow chard gratin

So apparently a gratin is any dish that is delivered to your eaters topped with a brown crust. This definition informs this rainbow chard gratin that I made according to the culinary stylings of Barbara Kafka. (Ed. Note: In retrospect, probably also inspired by this). I'm not going to write out the whole recipe because I ignored most of it and ultimately, ate a tiny ass piece before putting the whole thing in tupperware to be ignored until it went bad.

But I did learn how to be less afraid of chard. All I'd ever done with it before was stuff peppers with it, which was hardly relying on it as a signature flavour. The boiling-for-five-minutes technique was pretty easy, and I'd do it again. I took some okay pictures, but please learn from my example and if you try a similar recipe try not to replace more than half of the ingredients because it'll turn into an EGGY MESS. An EGGY MESS I tell you!

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