11 April 2009

D.E. LICIOUS Dipped Strawberries

There is an easy way to celebrate that it's strawberry season! Make these! The berries are very cheap right now, so go get em. This recipe is a little self explanatory. I'll keep it short, line a cookie sheet with parchment paper,

Grab a small dish to mix the chocolate,

Mix in one cup of Nestle Premier White morsels (only use these, they're the best!),

Place in Microwave for 4 15 second intervals, mixing well each time,

Dip Strawberries, slightly twist, and place on cookie sheet,

Wait for them to cool, then feed to your loved one!!


  1. Whoa suggestive photo!! J/k. I love love love chocolate covered strawberries. these look soooo good!!

  2. looks like someone is enjoying her strawberries!

  3. dang....I wish I would have seen this before I saw u yesterday!! ha ha....oh the strawberries look great!

  4. Please delete this photo I do not approve



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