29 March 2009

weird meat

tripe cow stomach

Thanks to Sheena, I discovered this blog she describes as "hilarious/nasty." Please check out the master list of weird meat that's been eaten. Above is cow's stomach. Ewww.


  1. ewwwwwww i might never eat waffles in syrup again

  2. I'm pretty sure Tom ate that at a restaurant down the street. He was sick for 3 days...

  3. this does make me feel kind of ill, but it's better that someone eat the stomach if the other cow parts are going to be butchered up and eaten, too, no? rather that discarded? this is recession speak.

  4. you're more noble than i, lukas.

    and as a vegetarian i'm pretty sure that i can be grossed out regardless of ethical considerations.

    so all you meat-eating folks better get your stomach-munching on for the betterment of deadcowkind.



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