16 March 2009

Seasonal Sweets

I have a confession: I am one of those people who raids the candy aisle the day after a holiday to reap the benefits of slashed prices. Top holidays include Valentine's Day, Easter, Halloween, and Christmas. They day after Valentine's Day this year, I found myself in the CVS candy aisle piling bags upon bags of heart shaped Hershey's nuggets and peanut butter cups in red foil on top of an extra large Russel Stover heart box filled with assorted chocolates... all for under $20. Score!

I do, however, have one weakness that I will pay retail for, and that is the beloved Cadbury Mini Eggs. Once they hit the shelves (conveniently, they usually debut the day after Valentine's Day), I pick up a bag or two every time I see them in the store. This builds up a decent supply to keep me satisfied well after Easter. Sadly, the day always comes where I open and finish my last bag of Cadbury Mini Eggs, and then I have to wait months more until they appear again.
What is YOUR favorite seasonal treat?


  1. I love Cadbury Caramel - not Creme - eggs. And I really like Peeps, but only if they're stale and firm, not mushy. I'll buy a sleeve of them and open it, then wait three days to eay them.

  2. i like the creme eggs. i can eat like 11 at a time. i don't particularly love the holiday-specific sweets of any other holiday i don't think.

  3. i also love the creme eggs and enjoy a good peep every now and then. the peeptini at tremont 647 every easter (in boston) is delish! yesterday, at cvs, i bought some peeps and the woman starts telling me about how she puts them on angel food cake and uses different colors and diff types of cool whip. SHE loved her peeps.



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