26 March 2009

Happy (day after) Pecan Day!!

Despite being a hickory (type of tree), 38% of Americans consider the pecan their favorite nut.* And for those fateful, today is a glorious day: Pecan Day!! (ED: or it would have been, but there was too much stuff happening on Pecan Day, so we'd like to celebrate the Day After Pecan Day! yay, zaz, etc.)

In the US, pecans are probably most well-known for the delicious center of the Pecan Pie. Grown on the state tree of Texas, pecans are fabulous for salad toppings, desserts, entrees, and even the scrumdiddlyumptious Salvadorian Amaretto Apple Pecan Muffins featured here on mad tasty last month. For more information on the pecan, check out Pecans 101 and be sure to enjoy some today!

*78% of all statistics are made up, including this one.

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