30 September 2008

Snacking in a Pinch

Sometimes I play a game of chance with whatever random ingredients I have in my refrigerator. This usually happens around the time I realize that I need to go food shopping.

This weekend, I was in the mood for something healthy, light, easy, and available without having to trek out in the rain to go buy ingredients. Coincidentally, I had some spinach and grape tomatoes leftover from a salad a few days before. I boiled some water, cooked the spinach, popped the tomatoes in the boiling water for the last moments so they could warm up, then drained the pot. Next, I added some minced garlic, butter, and ground pepper. This really hit the spot with minimal effort!

I have come to realize that the right condiments and spices go a long way. To me, small touches like ground pepper and garlic can really help make a meal. One of my favorite "in a pinch" snacks is white rice with soy sauce. Really, you can't get much easier than that.


  1. my variation on white rice and soy sauce: go to your closest asian grocery store (super 88, kotobukiya, reliable market)and buy furikake. It's not really a spice - more like a dry topping to excite your rice. It's pretty much seaweed, sesame seeds and soy saltiness. MAD TASTY! there are like ten flavors, but freeze dried bonito shrimp kinda creep me out so i stick with the basic seaweed and sesame. check it!

  2. somebody is about to get drafted by for the team ...

    yeah freeze dried bonito shrimp sounds terrifying to my vegetarian ass



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