05 March 2010

Vegan Friendly Cooked Breakfast

I stayed in my vegan friend's house last week, and made a pretty good vegan friendly version of a cooked breakfast! Ok, the mushrooms and tomatoes are there already - but this post will share info about the product available to create vegan sausages that tastes like pork, and how to make a scrambled tofu that looks and tastes very much like egg....

  • Mushrooms
  • Tomatoes
  • Potato Farls
  • Asda Meat Free Sausage Mix, Water, Soy Sauce, Garlic Powder, Pepper.
  • Tofu, Engevita Yeast Extract, Onion Powder, Salt, Pepper, Turmeric.

1) For the sausages, Asda have a fab meat free sausage mix - just add water, mould into shape and pop on the pan. As a pork lover, this didn't really float by boat, but it came close enough.... add some garlic, soy and pepper to bring out a more spicy porky flavour! I probably made it too watery and could do with some practice to get it right....

2) To make the scrabbled tofu, cut out a chunk of tofu, and pop onto a hot pan, using vegetable oil. Use this yeast extract, Engevita, to add a cheesy nutty taste. Add the onion powder, salt and pepper, and some turmeric to give the tofu an eggy colour, and mix about on the pan until scrambled. Now this is delicious!

3) Served with fried mushrooms, fried or grilled tomatoes, and potato farls....and yes, there is soy milk in the tea. A full cooked breakfast, without a trace of animal products!


  1. I am a huge fan of scrambled tofu. One of my favorite people makes it with chopped sun dried tomatoes and greens. This looks great. Thanks for giving vegan food the respect it deserves :)

  2. You're welcome - although I have to pass all credit to my vegan friend who makes EXCELLENT dishes, and introduced me to scrambled tofu. She made a vegan lasagne for me once, that tasted exactly like the animal version!! Perhaps we can get her for a guest post...

  3. I do have a couple more of her creations to share here actually, from other visits to her house - will put them up in due course....

  4. Mraid, I love ya, but I'm not surprised you didn't like the sausages if that's how they turned out! (black & squishy?!) remind me to cook you the proper version next time you're up and while I'm at it, them potato cakes don't look half greasy enough... ;) ;)

    Yeah I'll do a guest post..any particular recipe in mind?

  5. I like burnt meat so.....go figure.

    The lasagne lou! - it was a masterpiece that needs to be shared. To this day I still marvel. The meatyness. The cheesyness. The creamyness. And every inch of it vegan.



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