13 March 2010

Orchiette with totally amazing Roasted Red Pepper Sauce

Ok, I used this recipe from this really adorable site called Pioneer Woman.

Her pictures are gorgeous and the recipes are easy to follow and often funny. This dish was such a hit. My picture is not nearly as beautiful as PW's, but oh well, whatcanudo... OK, some notes...
  • I took my attention off the pasta as it was cooking and then I let it sit just a little too long after it was done so the orchiette stuck together. To fix this, you can just stir more while cooking and then add a little olive oil when its drained and stir it around so that it does not stick together.
  • I used half-and half instead of heavy cream, but I can tell you that the sauce was so thick and rich before that step that I doubt adding the dairy is really neccessary because the toasted pine nuts have such a richness on their own.
  • Make sure you really add plenty of freshly shaved parmesan cheese and chopped parsley at the end and mix to coat the pasta well with these ingredients. It truly brightens the flavor and really rounds out the dish.
This recipe really is groan worthy and easy! Enjoy! I served it with a light, bright salad of chopped escarole, almonds, grilled shrimp and an easy lemon/butter/shallot sauce (combine in a medium hot pan and whisk together - voila!).

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