04 February 2009

Beach Themed Cupcakes


Recently, I went to a Cupcakes and Champagne party. Clearly, this was a great reason to make themed cupcakes. In the dead of winter, what theme is most desirable? You got it: Beach themed cupcakes. I was inspired by yogi_lo's beach themed cupcakes on flickr and decided to create my own.


For the cupcake, I made both cappuccino brownie and vanilla funfetti bases. For the frosting, I took some "white" whipped frosting and added some blue food color until I got the desired sea blue. I used graham cracker crumbs for the sand and Teddy Grahams as my beach-goers. The rest of the elements were hand formed out of marzipan and tinted accordingly with food coloring.


I made a variety of scenes. I made happy swimming and surfing scenes, and also some shark attack and red tide scenes. I had SO much fun making these... maybe too much fun.


  1. These look and sound amazing! We love funfetti - wonder if there's a way to make it from scratch?

    Anyway, you would LOVE the book "Hello, Cupcake." It's all different ways to decorate cupcakes, and there are some shark attacks in there (as well as cupcakes that look like popcorn, fishbowls, Van Gogh paintings, etc).

  2. P.S. how did you get the graham cracker crumbs to stay in a mound like that?

  3. thanks! ill have to look into that book.
    each sand castle is a marzipan base (3 squares on top of eachother) coated in graham cracker crumbs. easy!

  4. these look really yummy...

  5. i love little bears!! I think the ones on the vanilla cupcake are having a better time then the chocolate ones.



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